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If the Dragneels were real.... by ConnellyC113 If the Dragneels were real.... :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 1 0 To the Heavens by ConnellyC113 To the Heavens :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 0 0 Burial by Sea by ConnellyC113 Burial by Sea :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 0 0 falal by ConnellyC113 falal :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 1 0 Zeref Returns by ConnellyC113 Zeref Returns :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 1 0 Zervis Sleep by ConnellyC113 Zervis Sleep :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 1 0 Zervisweek2016: Day6-Pain by ConnellyC113 Zervisweek2016: Day6-Pain :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 1 0
Zervis Week: Day One- Reborn
Woohoo! Zervis week has arrived. I know  this is a bit early, but it's my first time participating so I could hardly wait to get started. Introducing Sept 14th's, day one. Reborn! I used some stuff from a comic I hadn't finished, so I hope you like it. The last part of my comic shall come out soon, but until then, here is my first contribution to Zervis Week.
Mavis cried as she held a large hand to her chest, the dark haired man below her losing strength and becoming short of breath, and as his devastating wounds began to get the better of him. "I destroyed your home, your family...your very being, yet you still cry for me? Why?"
" Because despite everything..."choked out the beautiful young woman, "Despite the pain, the sadness, the the end, you came back and saved us all... I...I still love you."
"...I... too, Mavis," he choked, "400 years and I never understood a thing. " cupping her cheek with his hand, the man jerked beneath her, "Ah...I love you an
:iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 0 0
Zervis Week Sept 2016: Day2-Payback
Day 2, Zervis week! So sorry it's late but I couldn't quite figure out how I wanted it to play out. I had all these cool lines, but I deleted them because I wanted to make it more fast paced. Then I had to continue where I left off. I tell you, 900 hundred words makes a huge dent in a story. Well then, even though this is late, I hope you enjoy it!
"Ahh! Ahh!" Cried the young girl, her heart being squeezed from her very soul. The worst pain of all though, was knowing that the only one who could do anything walked away. How could he say he didn't want to see her suffer, when he was the one who was letting her suffer in the first place. " Agh, agh! Aaah!" The girl screamed, the feeling of blood pouring out of every wound on her body. Her body jerked with such strength that every bone in her body seemed to be breaking apart.
Drifting in and out of consciousness, Mavis could barely register a door slamming behind her, as someone shouted her name. A distant memory from long ago. But it
:iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 1 0
Zervisweek Sept 2016, Day 7- Wedding by ConnellyC113 Zervisweek Sept 2016, Day 7- Wedding :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 0 0 Zervis Week- Day 5: Angel/Demon by ConnellyC113 Zervis Week- Day 5: Angel/Demon :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 3 2 zervisweek2016-first by ConnellyC113 zervisweek2016-first :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 0 0 Dress for a Goddess by ConnellyC113 Dress for a Goddess :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 1 0 kitty by ConnellyC113 kitty :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 0 0 Selfie...edited with Pixlr and photo studio... by ConnellyC113 Selfie...edited with Pixlr and photo studio... :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 1 0 Clay Children by ConnellyC113 Clay Children :iconconnellyc113:ConnellyC113 0 0


Zerefxmavis by CDArtCD Zerefxmavis :iconcdartcd:CDArtCD 23 5 Yato and Sakura by Renavie Yato and Sakura :iconrenavie:Renavie 54 11 Bye Fairy by Renavie Bye Fairy :iconrenavie:Renavie 70 3 In silence we stood by Renavie In silence we stood :iconrenavie:Renavie 54 12 Once Upon a Dream by Renavie Once Upon a Dream :iconrenavie:Renavie 100 8 Light the Match by Renavie Light the Match :iconrenavie:Renavie 95 12 I will not let you see tomorrow by Renavie I will not let you see tomorrow :iconrenavie:Renavie 36 4 Zervis Comic by ca-illustration Zervis Comic :iconca-illustration:ca-illustration 50 3 Zervis - Kiss by Atralsinoa Zervis - Kiss :iconatralsinoa:Atralsinoa 14 4 Zervis - princess carry by Atralsinoa Zervis - princess carry :iconatralsinoa:Atralsinoa 32 6 The spriggan and the fairy by ShuujiChan The spriggan and the fairy :iconshuujichan:ShuujiChan 39 12 Zervis by Rainkagami Zervis :iconrainkagami:Rainkagami 5 0 Zervis COLLAB by ca-illustration Zervis COLLAB :iconca-illustration:ca-illustration 112 14 FFXIV by RobasArel FFXIV :iconrobasarel:RobasArel 311 6 Zeref and Mavis Fanart by taljik21 Zeref and Mavis Fanart :icontaljik21:taljik21 62 20


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Miria Coneri
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey there. I don't really consider myself an artist, but when I joined this site, I basically did so I could see and comment on everyone else's amazing art. While I'm here, I put up my sketches. Anyways, I really like using traditional media, (Pencil, Paint, Charcoal) but I hope to branch out to the digital age soon.

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INFP — The "Dreamer"
INFP Dreamers are idealistic and deeply sensitive. They are characterized by their loyal and gentle nature. Beneath their easygoing disposition runs a fixed passion for the causes they believe in and the people they selflessly care for. They are driven by their values and seek peace.
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So someone asked me to make him a t-shirt with one of my designs!  I'm so excited, but I wonder what I should charge, escpecially since it will be my first! Eek!


If the Dragneels were real....
I'd think they’d look a little something like this...


I looked at some popular japanese actors, and thought that Yamashita Tomohisa(I think thats him)and Mamoru Miyano would be great as Zeref and Larcade. I don’t know who the girl is though, and I wasnt quite sure whether I used Kento or Yamashita for Zeref. I couldnt find the portait I used when I looked up their names again.

Although I’m not naturally talented, I worked hours on this, so please offer feedback, and please don’t sue for unflattering pics or misrepresentation. I’d really appreciate it. THANKS!

To the Heavens
I took this picture because it reminded me of a spirit being set free.
Zeref Returns
AU timeline in which Zeref's descendants of long past kept Mavis as a slave. 118 years later, Zeref comes to Fairytail, not to eradicate, but to claim what is rightfully his. PicsArt drawn and colored...




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